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Round It® Straightener/Rerounder

Round It® Straightener/Rerounder


  • Take the trouble out of handling copper rolls by using REED Round It® tools for straightening and rerounding.
  • Provides the needed leverage to guide tube into position for fit-ups.
  • Removes mild kinks, frequently preventing the need to cut out a section and to splice-in a short piece.
  • Tools will quickly pay for themselves in material, labor and time savings.


Catalog No.Item CodeCapacity nom.LengthWeight
CSR2082201 1/2'' & 2''3896522.010.0
RCR3/4082263/4" 184574.52.0
RCR1082271" 184574.52.0
RCR341082283/4" & 1"184575.52.5

More Information

Time-and-material saving CSR2 Round It® Straightener/Rerounder handles 1 1/2” and 2” K annealed copper. Grips the end of a coil so uncoiling is easy; rerounds oval tubing or mild kinks anywhere along its length so cutter will track and fitting will seal properly. Provides safe grip when flaring, and guides copper into alignment for easier fit-ups. Round It® Straightener/Rerounders also come in smaller sizes. 3/4” RCR3/4 and 1” RCR1 tools are especially useful when tubing is wet for a solid grip when straightening and fitting up. RCR341 offers all the same features as both RCR1 and RCR3/4 as it includes jaws for either size tubing. The long-handled RCR rerounders are beneficial when extra leverage is needed.

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