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Ratcheting Valve Keys

Ratcheting Valve Keys


  • Ratchet handle operation reduces back strain and operator fatigue compared with using traditional valve keys.
  • Closed size of under 4-foot long means they fit in crowded utility trucks, behind pickup seats, or in car trunks.


Catalog No.Item CodeDescriptionClosed LengthOpen Length[1]Weight
VKRCK1023492" Main Valve Key + 1" Curb Key & Ratchet Handle45.511566' 7"2.0120.19.1
VKREXT023502" Main Valve Key + Extension & Ratchet Handle45.5115612' 6"3.8126.211.9
VKR1EXT023511" Square Key + Extension & Ratchet Handle45.5115612' 6"3.8126.812.2

Open Length represents the key as sold, without any extra pieces.

More Information

Ratcheting Valve Keys are great for water utilities. Back-saving ratchet handle allows work in one’s comfort zone. Under 4 feet long when telescoped in, REED valve keys fit well in today’s smaller utility trucks, behind pickup seats or in car trunks.

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