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PVC/PE Drilling Machines

PVC/PE Drilling Machines


  • Drill through the pipe wall while the system is under pressure.
  • Drill travel can handle PVC, C900 and PE wall thicknesses up to 1 1/8".
  • Steel parts are plated or powder epoxy coated for corrosion resistance.


Catalog No.Item CodeSize (in)Weight
DMPVCBASE044013/4 - 13.71.7
DMPVC044023/4 - 18.43.8
DMPVC COMPLETE044043/4 - 111.05.0
DMPVC3/4044183/4" Drilling Only4.01.8
DMPVC1044201" Drilling only4.01.8

More Information

The PVC/PE Drilling Machine is used to cut through the pipe wall via the corporation stop inserted into the service saddle while under pressure. The DMPVC drilling machine consists of the base unit and corporation (corp) adapters in a carrying case. PVC/PE shell cutters are sold separately. DMPVCBASE drilling machine consists of the base unit in a storage tube, allowing the customer to purchase necessary corp adapters and shell cutters. DMPVC3/4 and DMPVC1 kits include one shell cutter, one corp adapter, DMPVCBASE, and a storage tube. DMPVC COMPLETE ships in a plastic toolbox and includes the DMPVCBASE along with corp adapters and PVC/PE shell cutters for both 3/4” and 1” drilling projects. NPT to CC corp adapter converters, and a 7/16” socket wrench complete the set.


Spec sheet / Conversion chart available #01071

Best Ever

Machines are made in USA.

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