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NEW REED Bevel Boss™ Cordless Pipe Bevelers

Katelynn Guerini, Marketing Associate

Safe, Smooth Pipe Bevels with REED Bevel Boss™

Jobsite pipe beveling requires a method for quick, consistent bevels. When operators need to move fast from one pipe to the next, a lightweight solution is desired. Cordless methods, with no gas fumes and no exposed blades are ideal. REED Bevel Boss™ cordless pipe bevelers provide a safe way for operators to bevel pipe in the field. Bevel Boss trims small to large diameter plastic pipe, including pipe already in the ditch. Powered by a die grinder of operator’s choice, this lightweight system significantly reduces prep time by quickly and consistently beveling on multiple cuts. Adjustable for bevel length up to 1 inch, the required carbide router bits cut evenly and efficiently. Plus, the guide plate eliminates guesswork and yields a consistent result. The RPMs from the powerful die grinder provide smooth cuts when paired with REED router bits.

Bevel Boss cordless pipe beveler adapts to cut pipe interiors, too. Electrical and utility contractors deburr to make pipe interiors snag-free for running wires. To create internal bevels, add the REED interior beveler shroud with guide plate, CPBIDS.


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