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NEW REED Bear Hug™ PE Squeeze Tool

Katelynn Guerini, Marketing Associate

Put the Squeeze on PE with REED Bear Hug™

REED’s Bear Hug™ polyethylene (PE) squeeze tool system with hydraulic squeeze is lighter and offers more force output than comparable models. Bear Hug™ with hydraulic cylinders provides an industry-leading 83,400 pounds of squeeze force. For squeeze control, choose from an air-over hydraulic pump PESAPA or manual hand pump PESMPA to work with the PES8BT base tool. REED Bear Hug features a double bar configuration for most confident squeeze. In addition to more secure flow stoppage, a double point squeeze is safer as it lessens any chance of pipe damage. A bottom swing-out bar with latch allows for simple pipe enclosure. Compact and lightweight (for the industry) at 175 pounds, the PES8BT can be lifted into position with its oversized U-bolt. The double-acting system both squeezes and releases with hydraulic pump – no more reliance on internal springs for retraction is needed. Color-coded stops increase visibility and help operator quickly confirm that stops are set properly. Pipe centering arrows aid in alignment. PES8BT base tool includes stops for 3-8 inch PE pipe in common DR sizes for North America pipe sizes. For safety, there are grounding device installation spots.

· Modular PE Squeeze tool system allows choice of manual or air-over-hydraulic pump operation.

· Double bar design for squeeze confidence.

· Massive 83,400 lb. (371,000 N) squeeze force.

· Weight conscious REED design is almost 100 pounds (45 kg) less than comparable models.

· Includes two sets of color-coded pipe stops.


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