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Deburr / Chamfer Tools for Smooth Edges and Tight Connections

Katelynn Guerini, Marketing Associate

Deburring and chamfering for plastic pipe are no problem for REED.  We offer a full line of styles, from handheld to an integrated shaft for drill power operation.  Our wide variety of deburr/chamfer tools can cover PE, PVC, CPVC, PEX, ABS or PP.  With options for cone shape versus size-specific, snap-in tools, REED can accommodate 1/8 inch through 4 inch plastic pipe. The well-liked DEB4 and the versatile PDEB250 are included in this group.  REED chamfer tools can be used for the OD or the ID of the pipe. Take a look at the line-up to see what suits the job.


Deburr Chamfer Tools Photo Banner Collage

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