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  • Chamfer pipe and have it ready for glue in seconds.
  • Cone shape chamfers full range of ¾” - 2 ½” nominal plastic pipe sizes.
  • Power or manual operation possible due to removeable shaft.
  • Works great for PE water service lines.


型番アイテム・コードパイプ容量  重量
公称外径(インチ) 実際のO.D. mm 公称内径(インチ) 実際のI.D. mm ポンド キログラム
PDEB250 [1]044383/4 - 2 1/2 25 - 76 1 - 2 1/2 25 - 83 0.2 0.1

PDEB250 is not for sale in Canada due to specific installation code requirements on PVC and CPVC pipe. To meet those Canadian codes, REED recommends the following tools for chamfer/bevel according to pipe size: DEB1 (1/2" - 1"), DEB4 (1 1/4" to 4"), PBKIT (power 2", 3", 4") tools, and CPBKIT (2" - 12" for gasketed connections, 2" - 24" for solvent cement connections).

Cone Chamfer Tool efficiently chamfers the inside or outside diameter of multiple pipe sizes, including metric pipe sizes, with one tool. Chamfer pipe and be ready for glue in seconds. Generally used with a drill, the removable 3/8” hex shaft also permits manual operation. The cone chamfer tool is designed for PE, PVC, CPVC, PEX, ABS and PP pipe. The tool’s hardened steel blade is sharp and durable, providing a fast chamfer result in seconds, with smooth edges. For best results, replace blade as needed.

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