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NEWClé à cliquet 4 en 1 pour Thru-Bolt™


  • Carry one wrench for all your jobs.
  • Sockets are designed to stay on the handle, meaning no loose sockets.
  • Rugged yet smooth grip handle construction.

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Nº CatalogueCode ItemDouilles Application Taille de la poignée Poids
po mm lb kg
L4N1 [1]026901 1/4” & 1 1/16”

1 1/8” & 1 1/16”

1 1/8" & 15/16”
Joint mécanique et de retenue, réparation des collets, collier de selle

Raccords pour industrie du gaz et d’aqueduc, pince pour réparation, collier de selle, boulons à bride

Boulons à bride, pinces à friction, brides pour borne d’incendie et certain boulons à chapeau
17 432 2.5 1.1

Pour une performance maximale, nettoyer et lubrifier régulièrement.

Reed’s L4N1 Thru-Bolt™ ratchet wrench features four sockets on one wrench in a popular dog bone configuration. The sockets sizes are 1 1/4", 1 1/8", 1 1/16" and 15/16" and are designed to stay on the handle, meaning no loose sockets. L4N1 offers rugged construction of its smooth grip handle with a forward/reverse lever. Use just one tool to work on mechanical joints and restraints, repair clamps, service saddles, gas/water couplings, flange bolts, friction clamps, hydrant break flanges and some bonnet bolts. Additionally, tightening nuts on long bolts or all-thread rod is never a problem with Reed’s Thru-Bolt™ sockets which work by letting the bolt pass completely through the socket and arm head so nuts can be worked on any threaded length. Thru-bolt sockets replace the need for separate regular and deep sockets. The L4N1 wrench is made in USA.

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