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Coupe-tuyaux universels pour PE


  • Léger et facile à utiliser.
  • Comprend toutes les pièces pour réussir la coupe de PE.

localement ou en ligne

Exclusive Tool
Nº CatalogueCode ItemDiamètre du tuyau poids brut
po nominal D.E. réel en mm lb kg
UPC836APE 075178 - 36 200 - 1000 101 45.9
UPC848APE 075188 - 48 200 - 1300 106 48.2

Reed’s pneumatic-powered Universal Pipe Cutters (UPC) for PE are available to cut 8” - 48” nominal diameter (200-1300 actual O.D. mm) PE pipe. Both kits ship in a steel toolbox and include a UPC cutter, a filter-regulator-lubricator, UPCSTEEL6 and UPCPE8 blades. The UPCPE8 blade will cut large diameter PE pipe with a wall thickness up to 2 23/32” (69 mm). To cut 6” - 8” PE pipe, the UPCSTEEL4 blade must be purchased separately.

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