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Matrices universels


  • Le matrice Reed universel procure des filets propres et une longue durée de vie du peigne, comme le prouvent des mois d'essais en laboratoire et sur le terrain.

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Nº CatalogueCode ItemTaille Matériau Embal. standard Poids
lb kg
UAN1/2-3/4 058051/2 - 3/4" NPT Alloy 4 1.5 0.7
UAN1-2 058101 - 2" NPT Alloy 4 1.3 0.6
UHN1/2-3/4 058151/2" - 3/4" NPT Acier rapide 4 1.5 0.7
UHN1-2 058201 - 2" NPT Acier rapide 4 1.3 0.6
UHS1/2-3/4 058251/2" - 3/4" NPT HSS for Stainless 4 1.5 0.7
UHS1-2 058301" - 2" NPT HSS for Stainless 4 1.3 0.6
UHB1/2-3/4 058651/2" - 3/4" BSPT Acier rapide 4 1.4 0.6
UHB1-2 058701" - 2" BSPT Acier rapide 4 1.3 0.6
Why Reed

Reed offers the full line, made in the USA, lab tested and proven, then field tested and approved by threading specialist contractors and industrial users. Months of lab and field tests have shown Reed Universal Dies give clean threads and long die life.



Reed used its 110+ years of die-making experience to select the best materials, methods, and CNC production for its Universal Dies. These dies fit Reed's 5301PD power drive, RIDGID® 300, 300 Compact, 535, 535 Automatic, 1215, 1822-I, 1224 plus the Reed R811 Universal Die Head.


Choose from Reed’s full line of High Speed Steel (HSS) universal dies in geometries for NPT, NPSM and BSPT. HSS dies last longer than alloy dies because HSS universal dies withstand high temperature without losing hardness. This feature allows them to cut faster than the alloy at room temperature.


RIDGID® is a registered trademark of Ridgid, Inc. and is not associated with Reed Manufacturing Company.

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