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Matrices segmentaires R12+


  • Les peignes segmentaires R12+ sont en acier rapide, ce qui accroît la durée de vie du peigne.
  • Fabrication de précision par de modernes appareils CNC.
  • Les peignes sans enduit sont de configuration pour droitier.

localement ou en ligne

Nº CatalogueCode ItemTaille Embal. standard Poids
lb kg
R12DN 1/2 056061/2" NPT 4 0.2 0.1
R12DN 3/4 056083/4" NPT 4 0.2 0.1
R12DN 1 056101" NPT 4 0.3 0.1
R12DN 1 1/4 056121 1/4" NPT 4 0.3 0.1
R12DN 1 1/2 056141 1/2" NPT 4 0.5 0.2
R12DN 2 056162" NPT 4 0.5 0.2
Why Reed

segmental dies smallReed offers high speed steel (HSS) dies for the price of competitor’s alloy dies: a 10%+ cost savings. Reed R12+ series is made in USA. HSS dies last longer than alloy dies, especially if used with Power Drives.

Reed knows how to cut a good thread and high speed steel (HSS) R12+ Segmental Dies show this with cutting edges manufactured in-house by precision CNC machinery. The 1/2” through 2” die segments are available in NPT. The segmental die design enables smooth chip flow and easy cutting. R12+ die sets are replaceable parts for Reed R12+ Dropheads, as well as the following RIDGID® dropheads: 12-R, 00-R, 111-R, 0-R, 11-R, 30A and 31A threaders. Segmental dies are sold in full sets of four.

NOTE:  Available only in right-hand configuration.



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