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Têtes à fileter R12+

DHR12 1 ½ NPT
Têtes à fileter R12+


  • Gagnez du temps puisque les têtes décoffrantes R12+ sont expédiées avec les peignes déjà installés.


Nº CatalogueCode ItemTaillePoids
DHR12 1/2NPT056261/2" NPT3.61.6
DHR12 3/4NPT056283/4" NPT3.61.6
DHR12 1NPT056301" NPT4.21.9
DHR12 1 1/4NPT056321 1/4" NPT4.72.1
DHR12 1 1/2NPT056341 1/2" NPT5.12.3
DHR12 2NPT056362" NPT5.42.5

Plus d’informations

R12+ Dropheads ship completely assembled and ready to use with HSS segmental dies already in place. R12+ Dropheads can be used manually with the ratchet ring and handle or with Reed’s 700PD, 700APD and 701PD Power Drives. R12+ dropheads are interchangeable with RIDGID® 12-R dropheads and can also be utilized in the RIDGID® 700 power drive.

XTRA Value
Why Reed

Reed’s dropheads are designed for improved chip flow and easier cutting. Reed’s are up to 10% less expensive than comparable 12-R dropheads with HSS dies.

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R12+ Drophead & Threader Set Accessories

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Reassemble R12+ Drophead

Reassemble R12+ Drophead

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