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Valve Wheel Wrenches

Valve Wheel Wrenches


  • Protect valve wheels from damage and burrs by choosing an appropriate hook.
  • VWALP1 and VWALP2 are made of low sparking aluminum.
  • REED designs are safer for heavy use—bending gives warning of overload.


Catalog No.Item CodeStyleMaterialHook OpeningLengthWeight
VW002830Double-endForged steel1/2 & 21/3213 & 1782031.00.5
VW102831Single-endForged steel125153812.41.1
VW202832Single-endForged steel1 5/1633225594.82.2
VW302833Single-endForged steel2512768611.45.2
VW1002834Double-endForged steel11/16 & 118 & 25102541.60.7
VWALP102851Single-endAluminum1 3/835143562.21.0
VWALP202852Single-endAluminum1 3/444184574.01.8

More Information

REED Valve Wheel Wrenches grip the rims of hand valve wheels securely and provide leverage for opening and closing. Valve wheel wrenches are the solution for handling hard-to-open valves. Choose a wrench based on the hook opening. The hooks work without gouging the wheel rim. OSHA inspectors can assess penalties for using a pipe wrench on a valve wheel rim as wrench teeth can leave sharp burrs on the wheel rim, which result in hand injuries. VWALP1 and VWALP2 valve wheel wrenches offer a low-sparking benefit due to aluminum-magnesium alloy construction. Construction of the wrench also permits it to bend before it breaks, thus warning users of excess loads.

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