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Thru-Bolt™ Ratchet Wrench Handles

Thru-Bolt™ Ratchet Wrench Handles


  • Choose from malleable iron cast handles or lower cost, steel stamped handles.
  • “Quick release” handles permit fast socket changes.
  • L564 features an adjustable handle for hard-to-reach spots.
  • L23, L24 and L26 large diameter sockets work with L152 handle.


Catalog No.Item CodeTypeHandle LengthWeight
HandleSocket Retentioninmmlbskg
L5002258CastRetaining Ring 112801.50.7
L5102259CastRetaining Ring133301.70.8
L50002260CastQuick Release133301.70.8
L15002261StampedRetaining Ring112801.40.6
L15102262StampedRetaining Ring133301.70.8
L56402263Cast & AdjustableQuick Release164203.51.6
L15202670StampedRetaining Ring174322.51.1

More Information

REED Thru-Bolt™ ratchet wrenches work faster than pipe wrenches or adjustable wrenches for tightening or loosening nuts on long, threaded bolts of service saddles, repair clamps, flanges, mechanical couplings, etc. REED Thru-Bolt™ Ratchet Wrench Handles are made with traditional malleable iron or lower cost steel stampings. For larger hardware found on 30” - 36” diameter pipe, the L152 is the Thru-Bolt™ ratchet wrench suited to the job. Its larger sockets are L23, L24, and L26. (Sockets sold separately.) 

The REED Thru-Bolt ratchet handles and sockets substantially reduce the time required to tighten or remove nuts so assembly time and cost are cut considerably

L564 features a “quick release” button along with an adjustable handle for hard-to-reach spots.

Accessories & Common Parts


Thru-Bolt™ Ratchet Wrench Accessories

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