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Thru-Bolt™ Dual Socket Ratchet Wrenches - Value Line


  • Economical wrenches combine two popular socket sizes into one tool.
  • Colored-coded handles  for quick recognition.

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Catalog No.Item CodeSockets Application Handle Length Weight
in mm lbs kg
LVDSSET 02930LV1815, LV2017 & LVHM2275 Kit contains one of each: LV1815, LV2017 & LVHM2275 - - 8.9 4.0
LV2017 029501 1/4” & 1 1/16” Mechanical joints and restraints, repair clamps, service saddles - BLUE handle 13 330 2.4 1.1
LV1815 029521 1/8” & 15/16” Flange bolts, friction clamps, hydrant break flange and some bonnet bolts - GREEN handle 13 330 2.5 1.1
LVHM2275 029543/4” & 7/8” and 19mm & 22mm Hymax™ Reducer Couplings - YELLOW handle 13 330 2.3 1.0

Reed’s value line of Dual Socket Ratchet Wrenches fit the most popular water works fasteners for mechanical joints, flange bolts, repair clamps, service saddles and sleeves. Wrench handles are color-coded for fast field finds. Each wrench also offers a handy switch on the head for safe action reversal. Ratchet wrenches are faster to use than pipe wrenches or adjustable wrenches. Thru-bolt sockets work by letting the bolt pass completely through the socket and arm head so nuts can be worked on any threaded length. Thru-bolt sockets replace the need for separate regular and deep sockets.

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