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One Hand Wrenches

MW1 1/4
One Hand Wrenches


  • The original and still the best for working in tight places.
  • Spring-loaded jaws quickly grip many shapes.
  • Saves time loosening nut due to ratchet action jaws; unlike a pipe wrench which cannot ratchet on a fitting.
  • Ratchets for easy, one-hand operation.


Catalog No.Item CodeCapacity-FittingsPipe CapacityLengthWeight
inmmin-nom.actual O.D. mminmmlbskg
MW1 1/4022813/8 - 1 1/427 - 483/4 - 1 1/227 - 48163943.11.4
MW 3/4022891/8 - 3/417 - 333/8 - 117 - 33112671.20.5

More Information

REED One Hand Wrenches are the original and still the best for working in tight places, including meter pits. This REED invention features strong, forged steel, one-piece handle. Spring-loaded jaws grip any shape: meter nuts, round pipe, or parts of fittings without adjustment. One Hand Wrenches work like a pipe wrench and provide better grip than pliers due to the jaws and tooth direction. Securely and immediately tighten and loosen without removing the wrench from pipe.

Ratchets for easiest one-hand operation.

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