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Extended Sockets

Extended Sockets


  • Extended length (6" and 6 ½”) impact grade sockets.
  • Kits include a variety of these sockets in a heavy-duty case.


Catalog No.Item CodeHex SizeFinishLengthWeight
EDS12026223/4"Zinc and Black Chromate6 1/2"1.50.7
EDS14026247/8"Zinc and Black Chromate6 1/2"1.60.7
EDS150262515/16"Zinc and Black Chromate6 1/2" 1.60.7
EDS17026261 1/16"Zinc and Black Chromate6"1.50.7
EDS18026281 1/8"Zinc and Black Chromate6"1.50.7
EDS20026301 1/4"Zinc and Black Chromate6"1.50.7
EDSK6026453/4”, 7/8”, 15/16", 1-1/16”, 1-1/8” and 1-1/4” -See Chart9.74.4

More Information

For hard-to-reach deep well bolts, REED offers Extended Sockets that are made of tool steel and are impact grade. Use Extended Sockets to tighten hex nuts on repair clamps, mechanical joint fittings, and saddles. Drive them with a 1/2” square drive impact wrench or hand tighten. Finish on sockets provides corrosion-resistance.

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