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Comfort Grip - Adjustable Wrenches

Comfort Grip - Adjustable Wrenches


  • To increase ergonomics, REED comfort grips are thicker and harder than most.
  • Same precision as REED's adjustable wrenches with an added grip for more secure handhold.


Catalog No.Item CodeCapacityLengthWeight
in-nom.actual O.D. mminmmlbskg
CW10GRIP029101 1/830102541.00.5
CW12GRIP029121 5/1635123051.50.7


Note: These are comfort grips only. These grips are not made for electrical insulation.

More Information

Use the best adjustable wrenches in new ways: a plastic dip coating gives ergonomic advantages of greater comfort, higher torque, and less fatigue. The plastic grip is also stickier than the steel handle, which combines with the larger diameter to make these wrenches easier to grip while working. Parallel jaw surfaces ensure good grip of nut. 22° 30’ angle allows for closest quarter work on hex nuts.

XTRA Value

REED puts a thicker, harder, more comfortable, longer lasting coating on the smoothest, most exact wrenches available.

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