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Chain Wrenches Common Parts

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Chain Wrenches Common Parts


Catalog No.Item CodeDescriptionChain Length
WA14C92021Chain and Pin17.5" (444.5 mm)
WA18CA92415Chain and Pin18.8" (477.5 mm)
WA24CA92416Chain and Pin21.8" (553.7 mm)
WA36C92024Chain and Pin27.6" (701.0 mm)
WA48C92025Chain and Pin31.9" (810.3 mm)
WA60C92026Chain and Pin40.5" (1028.7 mm)
WA72C92027Chain and Pin48.8" (1239.5 mm)
WA84C92028Chain and Pin72.1" (1831.3 mm)
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