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Chain Wrenches - Heavy Duty

Chain Wrenches - Heavy Duty


  • Useful for all types of pipe fitting, from waterworks to plumbing.
  • Chain wrenches provide safe, reliable and powerful torque.
  • Dual, reversible jaws allow ratchet action in both directions without removing the chain wrench from the pipe.
  • REED offers more sizes than any competitor with chain wrenches to fit from 1/8” all the way up to 18” diameters.


Catalog No.Item CodePipe CapacityLengthMax. O.D.Chain Tensile StrengthWeight
in-nom.actual O.D. mminmmin-nom.actual O.D. mmlbslbskg
WA14020401/8 - 210 - 60143624.61175,5003.21.5
WA18[1]020501/4 - 2 1/214 - 751844551279,1506.02.7
WA24[1]020601/4 - 314 - 90246105.81479,1508.43.8
WA36020701/2 - 4 1/221 - 127338327.118014,35016.47.5
WA48[2]020801 - 633 - 1684411188.521620,50029.413.4
WA60[2]020901 1/2 - 848 - 2254611751127923,70047.021.4
WA72[2][3]020922 1/2 - 1273 - 3244611751333029,15080.036.4
WA84[2][3]020942 1/2 - 1873 - 4574611751845729,15090.040.9

WA18 and WA24 have standard 0.75 inch chain pitch. WA72 and WA84 have 1.25 inch chain pitch.




Must ship via truck freight.

More Information

Use a chain wrench to turn any shape in close quarters. Dual reversible (and therefore more economical) jaws permit ratchet action in either direction without removing the chain wrench from the pipe. REED’s unique in-line handle and jaw design allows the user to rest the wrench on the pipe while placing the chain in the chain slots.  This is much easier than holding the wrench up during this operation.

Exclusive Features

REED chain wrenches offer by far the most sizes and are longer lasting because they have up to twice as many chain slots as any competitive tool, thus spreading the force across more chain slots and providing greater operator safety.

Accessories & Common Parts

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Common Parts

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