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Basin Wrench

Basin Wrench

Basin Wrench Features

  • Forged jaws are spring-loaded for one-hand ratcheting.
  • Telescoping model BW125 extends for extra reach.


Catalog No.Item CodeCapacityLengthWeight
in-nom.actual O.D. mminmmlbskg
BW125116013/8" - 1 1/4"10 - 3010 - 17250 - 4251.80.8

More Information

Basin Wrenches are designed for use under sinks and in other tight quarters. They feature long-lasting, hardened, forged jaws which are spring-loaded for one-hand ratcheting. Heads move to hold up to 90° angle. For easier reach, popular BW125 basin wrench telescopes from 10” - 17”. These quality tools are imported.

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