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Tapping Compound

Tapping Compound


  • Fully synthetic formula holds up well under temperature extremes.
  • Benefits of use include smooth taps and longer drill tap/cutter life.


Catalog No.Item CodeDescription
TMTC[1]9842516 oz. (.45 kg) resealable can
TMTC6991406 oz. (170 g) squeezable bottle

AWWA Approved

More Information

Tapping Compound is a cutting lubricant. Fully synthetic and rated H1 food grade, REED Tapping Compound is impact resistant and resists water washout. Applied liberally to drill taps, it extends tool life and produces fast, smooth taps. It is offered in a resealable, 16 ounce can or in a 6 ounce, squeeze bottle. Tapping Compound requires direct hand application by the user.

Food-grade compound that does not contaminate water, making this compound environmentally friendly.

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