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PVC/PE Shell Cutters

PVC/PE Shell Cutters


  • Tool steel is heat treated for optimum toughness and wear resistance.
  • Flute design offers easy cutting and constant coupon retention.
  • PL series cutters are designed for manual power drilling machines.


Catalog No.Item CodeShell Size (in)Corp. Stop Size (in)Cuts Max. Wall ThicknessWeightFits
PL6880438511/163/4" NPT & AWWA1 1/8”0.20.1Feed Tap™, DM Series,
PVC/PE Drilling Machines
PL875043867/81" NPT & AWWA1 1/8”0.20.1Feed Tap™, DM Series,
PVC/PE Drilling Machines
PL1438[1]043871 7/161 1/2" NPT & AWWA1 1/8”0.50.2Feed Tap™, DM Series
Drilling Machines
PL1750[1]043921 3/42" NPT & AWWA1 1/8”0.70.3Feed Tap™, DM Series
Drilling Machines

Larger PL1438 and PL1750 do not fit the DMPVC models.

More Information

PVC/PE Shell Cutters are for use with REED’s DM1100, DM2100 and DMPVC series drilling machines.  Use them to cut through the PVC or PE pipe wall via the corporation stop and the service saddle. Now made from A2 tool steel and heat treated which maintains sharper cutting edges and extends the life of the shell cutter. They are capable of cutting PVC and up to 1-1/8” wall thickness on C900 PVC water pipe or high density PE (HDPE) pipe. They also fit Ford® and Mueller D® and PL-2 machines.

Best Ever

These shell cutters easily bore through even the heaviest wall PVC/PE pipe as they cut through service saddles.  They retain the coupon on most cuttings.

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