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Meter Pit Pump

Meter Pit Pump


  • Light-weight PVC construction.
  • Rugged construction is ideal for any standing water.


Catalog No.Item CodeDescriptionCapacity: Ounces per StrokeWeight
MP175-6023271 3/4" x 36" manual pump with 72" hose352.0.9

More Information

REED offers a solution for flooded meter pits. Meter Pit Pumps pull water out of pits, making them more visible, convenient, and safe. Pump also could be used on a fire hydrant to drain the water for repair work. Includes a 72" (1828 mm) plastic hose of 1 3/4” diameter. The hose simply screws into a threaded section of the meter pit pump. Use the REED meter pit pump for easier, deeper pumping. For jobs that require two pumps, order an extra.

Accessories & Common Parts


Meter Pit Pump Accessories

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