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Manhole Hooks

Manhole Hooks


  • Open drain covers and manhole covers with ease; choose from three different manhole hook lengths.
  • Handle to head hooks offered in same plane or 90-degree rotation, depending on operator preference.
  • Heavy-duty, made in USA manhole cover tool designed to handle stubborn loads.
  • Handle sized to fit small to large hands.


Catalog No.Item CodeHandle to Hook RelationshipLengthWeight
MH2602301Same plane266503.31.5
MH3002302Hook 90° to handle307604.01.8
MH3602303Same plane369004.32.0

More Information

Manhole hooks are forged of 5/8” hex high carbon steel for strength. Handle fits large hand. MH30 has rotated handle and rocker head to more easily enter notch in stubborn covers. Points are 1/2” wide for cover openings. Made in USA, REED manhole hooks are powder coated for corrosion protection and suitable for use on all manhole lids, including drain covers, septic tank lids and sewer grates.

Exclusive Features

Heavy-duty construction and made in USA quality equal durable tools.

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