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Feed Tap™ Drilling Machine

Feed Tap™ Drilling Machine


  • Versatile tool for drilling cast iron, ductile iron, PVC or PE with appropriate shell cutters and adapters.
  • Preferred tool for PVC taps using independent feed control and shell cutters for PVC and PE.
  • Match the kit to the application considering size, threads and pipe.
  • Superior performance and life of the heavy-duty Carbide Tipped Shell Cutters.
  • Coupon Retaining Pilot Drill Bit with proven technology provides reliable results for holding the coupon.
  • Units are shipped in an impact-resistant, compact case.


Catalog No.Item CodeDescriptionGross Weight
FTB09160Feed Tap™ Base Machine2712.3
FT2000CC11009161AWWA/110 Compression Feed Tap™ Kit 3/4" - 2"3616.4
FT200009162AWWA Feed Tap™ Kit 3/4" - 2"3315.0
FT2000UNIV09165Complete Feed Tap™ Kit 3/4" - 2"3917.7
FT2000CCNPT09166AWWA/110 Compression 3/4" - 1" and NPT 1 1/2" - 2" Feed Tap™ Kit3415.5
FT1000CC11009167AWWA/110 Comp Feed Tap™ Kit 3/4" - 1"2913.2
FTP2000UNIV09168Feed Tap™ Kit 3/4" - 2" for Plastic Pipe Only4118.6
FTBB09169Feed Tap™ Main Unit, CRPD25 and TMTC6 – no case94.1


More Information

Feed Tap™ waterworks tool drills through PVC, PE, cast iron and ductile iron pipe while under pressure using a corporation stop inserted into a service saddle. Compact design with a separate, independent feed control allows the user to complete the tap using a drill (not included) for cast iron, ductile iron or PE. Manual power is required for use on PVC, CPVC and similar plastic pipe. The independent feed control advances the shell cutter for tapping PVC pipe as recommended by Uni-Bell PVC Pipe Association.


FTB model Feed Tap consists of the base unit which allows the user to purchase shell cutters and corporation adapters separately, as needed. A complete kit for use with drill power is sold as FT2000UNIV. This kit contains both a coupon retaining drill bit CRPD25 and two sets of coupon retaining magnets. The magnets work well on ductile iron taps and the CRPD25 bit works on all types of pipe taps. The retaining method used is the choice of the individual operator.


Designed for use on plastic pipe only, FTP2000UNIV relies on manual drilling operations using REED proven PVC/PE Shell Cutters. The FTP2000UNIV comes complete with all corporation adapters, shell cutters, shell cutter adapters, and a ratchet wrench with socket to cover ¾” to 2” services in PVC and PE. Each machine ships with a sturdy carrying case. Note that HDPE can be tapped manually with PVC/PE Shell Cutters (PL series) or with a low speed drill and Heavy Duty Shell Cutters (FTSC series).


Review the Feed Tap™ Operator’s Manual to choose the model best-suited to the job.


Best Ever Video Training


The complete collection of Reed Training Videos can be found under the Resources menu.

Feed Tap™ Drilling Machine On Location

Feed Tap™ Drilling Machine

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