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Drilling Machines - Corporation Adapters

Drilling Machines - Corporation Adapters


  • Corporation adapters connect the machine to the corporation.
  • They are made from light weight aluminum to save weight on the overall tool.
  • Because of dirt or sand from use in the ditch, corporation adapters sometimes need to be replaced.


Catalog No.Item CodeFitsWeight
DMCA75084233/4" AWWA2.20.1
DMCA100084241" AWWA2.20.1
DMCA150084251 1/2" AWWA1.00.5
DMCA200084262" AWWA1.10.5
DMCA150NPT084281 1/2" NPT0.80.4
DMCA200NPT084292" NPT0.80.4
DMCA110150084311 1/2" Mueller™ 110 Comp1.30.6
DMCA110200084322" Mueller™ 110 Comp1.30.6
DMCA125BSPT084341 1/4" BSPT2.21.0
DMCA150BSPT084351 1/2" BSPT0.80.4
DMCA200BSPT084362" BSPT0.80.4
DMCA100IPS984991" IPS0.80.4
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