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D Series Drill Bits

D Series Drill Bits


  • Recommended for cast iron and cement lined ductile iron.
  • Spiral motion clears chips away from the cut.
  • Heat-treated for longer life.
  • Made from strong, high-speed steel.


Catalog No.Item CodeDrill Size (in)Corp. Stop Size (in)[1]Weight
D6880438011/163/4" NPT & AWWA0.30.1
D875043817/81" NPT0.50.2
D9380438215/161" AWWA0.60.3

Check manufacturer's fitting specifications for proper hole diameter.

More Information

D Series Drill Bits are designed for use with REED drilling machines and Mueller® E5/D5 only; both of which use saddles. These spiral drill bits are made from strong, high-speed steel, and are heat-treated for longer life. Easier cutting than other drills as the spiral motion clears chips away from the cut. D series drill bits are recommended for cast iron and ductile iron, including cement-lined ductile iron.

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