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Cordless Power Drive for Waterworks

Cordless Power Drive for Waterworks


  • With a change of the drophead, power drive adapts for tapping/drilling or valve turning.
  • Safety first! Motor kick-off feature if unit experiences sudden jolt or torque burst.
  • Provides plentiful torque without all the weight – just 15 lbs (6.8 kg).
  • Battery power which means no pneumatic or electric drop lines.
  • Safety paddle switch stops almost immediately when hand is released.
  • Convenient carrying handle offers support for valve turning.
  • Power source is Bosch® angle grinder. User to provide 18V Bosch® battery, sold separately.


Catalog No.Item CodeDescriptionWeight
CPDWW[1]05258Cordless Power Drive for Waterworks Use - bare tool only, no battery156.8

Requires 18V Bosch® battery.

NOTE: Requires 18V Bosch® battery. For best results, use REED CPDWW with a minimum 4.0 Ah 18V Bosch® battery.  For heavy-duty work, consider an 8.0 Ah battery.  As with all cordless power tools, a spare battery is always helpful. 

More Information

Lightweight yet powerful CPDWW cordless power drive from REED adapts to drilling and tapping machines or attaches to exercise valves. Around 15 pounds, the power drive for waterworks applications is easy to handle and provides impressive torque. For operator safety, there is a motor power kick-off feature. Add the REED VOKUCLUTCH utility clutch for valve work or add the REED TMPDA adapter to connect REED and other common tapping or drilling machines.  Designed for waterworks use, this unit concentrates on needs of in-ditch operators.  Cordless equals safety as no power cords or air lines are needed; eliminating tangles in tight spaces.  The physical size of the unit is compact, allowing it to fit easily into ditches.

Lightweight unit with a compact shape offers cordless power for tapping and drilling or for valve exercising. 


The complete collection of Reed Training Videos can be found under the Resources menu.

Cordless Power Drive for Waterworks Set-Up

CPDWW On Location with Grove City Waterworks

TM1100 & CPDWW On Location

CPDWW Handle Extension

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