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Power Drive Adapters

Catalog No.Item CodeDescription Weight
lbs kg
TMPDA1516 0527815/16" square drive adapter for 700PD 4.0 1.8
TMPDA 0843013/16" adapter only 4.0 1.8

Add power to your drilling and tapping, and save hours of hand-cranking. Reed offers two adapters to fit popular power drives.


For Power Tapping, the TMPDA fits the 13/16” boring bar that is common on popular drilling and tapping machines. By tightening down the set screws, the TMPDA1516 may also be used on 13/16” boring bars to power tapping/drilling machines. The operator manually turns the star feed on the tapping or drilling machine while the power drive adapter turns the boring bar. With the 700PDTMPDA option, the Reed 700PD Power Drive comes with a free TMPDA adapter.


To perform Power Threading with Geared Threaders, use the TMPDA1516 which is a 15/16” adapter. It fits over the pinion shaft of the RIDGID® 141 2½” - 4” and 161 4” – 6” geared threaders. To thread the pipe, the operator holds the Reed 700PD as it rotates around the pipe while turning the pinion shaft of the geared threader.


Reed recommends the use of a Ground Fault Interrupter, such as the Reed PDGFI (#05277).

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