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Feed Tap™ - Miscellaneous

Catalog No.Item CodeDescription
DMP716 04428Ratchet Wrench
L716 044297/16" Socket
MCR3/8 08358Magnetic Coupon Retainer Set, 3/8"
MCR1/4 08359Magnetic Coupon Retainer Set, 1/4"
FTAA 09113Arbor Assembly used with 1 7/16" and 1 3/4" FTSC Heavy-Duty Shell Cutters
CRPD25 991291/4" diameter Carbide Tipped Coupon Retaining Drill Bit
FTPLAA 04423Arbor Assembly (adapter) used with 1 1/2" & 2" PVC/PE Shell Cutters, PL1438 & PL1750.
FTPLSAA 94198Coupling Nut (adapter) used with 3/4" and 1" PVC/PE Shell Cutters
FTSA3/8 48205Socket Adapter
FTSCKT3/8 482063/8" Socket with 7/16" Deep Well Reach
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