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Feed Tap™ – Heavy Duty Shell Cutters

Feed Tap™ – Heavy Duty Shell Cutters


  • Heavy duty shell cutter fits most standard arbors and competitive machines.
  • Recommended for cast iron and ductile iron.
  • Teeth have carbide inserts which outlast bi-metal teeth.


Catalog No.Item CodeShell Size (in)Corp. Stop Size (in)Cutting Depth (in)Weight
FTSC1438991371 7/161 1/22.41.19
FTSC1750991381 3/422.57.26

More Information

Shell cutters cut up to 2” deep and fit most standard arbors and competitive machines such as Aquatap™ and Ford Simtap™. These shell cutters are recommended for cast and ductile iron*, in use with Reed's Feed Tap™ machines.  The attachment thread is 1/2 - 20. Each shell cutter tooth has carbide inserts which long outlast bi-metal teeth.

*FTSC cuts PVC but provides a rough cut and Reed recommends PVC/PE Shell Cutters, PL Series for best results on PVC and PE.

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