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Drilling Machines

Drilling Machines


  • Drilling Machines have a quick clamp feed mechanism requiring little adjustment.
  • These machines are more compact, thus requiring less clearance than other models.
  • Modular design allows fast and simple conversion to direct tapping machine.


Catalog No.Item CodeSize (in)Gross Weight[1]
DM2100B09301Base Only49.522.5
DM1100093023/4" - 1" AWWA53.024.1
DM1100NPT093053/4" - 1" NPT Corp Stops53.024.1
DM1100BSPT093071/2" - 1" BSPT53.024.1
DM2100BSPT093083/4" - 2" BSPT55.525.2
DM2100093123/4" - 2" AWWA55.525.2
DM2100NPT[2]093153/4" - 2" NPT Corp Stops55.525.2
DM2100110093173/4" - 2" 110 Compression55.525.2
DM2100CCNPT093183/4" - 1" AWWA, 1 1/2" - 2" NPT55.525.2
RETRO-DM09320Convert DM1000 to DM1100 or convert DM2000 to DM2100.
DM2100UNIVERSAL093213/4" - 2" AWWA & NPT60.027.3

Drilling Machine unit alone weighs 13.2 lbs / 6.0 kg


Note: Additional boring bar needed for 2" iron body gate valves.

More Information

Drilling Machines cut or drill through the pipe wall of cast iron, ductile iron, C900 PVC and PE water mains via the corporation stop inserted into the service saddle while under pressure. They use Reed D series drill bits or hole cutters. The DM2100B drilling machine consists of the base unit, which allows the customer to purchase separately individual corporation adapters, drill or hole cutter adapters, along with necessary drills or hole cutters. With shell cutters and necessary adapters, these units can also be used on C900 PVC pipe. DM2100110 drilling machine is for use with Mueller® 110 compression corporation stops. DM2100CCNPT is a combination of 3/4” and 1” AWWA CC thread and 1 1/2” and 2” NPT thread adapters. DM2100UNIVERSAL drilling machine has the base and accessories to work for AWWA and NPT threads up to 2”.


Spec sheet / Conversion chart available #01071

Best Ever Video Training

Heavy-duty Drilling Machine is compact and lightweight to make up to 2” saddle taps. Reed offers many different versions to meet individual customer needs.


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Parts Diagrams
DM1100/DM2100 Parts PDF   (386 KB)


The complete collection of Reed Training Videos can be found under the Resources menu.

Drilling Machines

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DM2100 Drilling Machine with 601PD Power Drive in use – L/B Water

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