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Direct Tapping Machine - Tapping Saddles


  • Pipe size specific saddles for direct tapping projects.
  • Fits Reed’s TM1100 Direct Tapping machine, along with Mueller® direct tapping machines.

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Catalog No.Item CodeDescription
TS12 9843812" Saddle
TS6 984396" Saddle
TS8 984408" Saddle
TS10 9844110" Saddle
TS4 984424" Saddle
TS16 9844316" Saddle
TS18 9844418" Saddle
TS20 9844520" Saddle
TS24 9844624" Saddle
TS36 9844736" Saddle
TS42 9844842" Saddle
TS48 9844948" Saddle
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