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Utility Workshop Vises

26 1/2C - also represents 25 1/2C, 26B - color varies red or gray
Utility Workshop Vises


  • Standard utility vise features a swivel base for flexibility
  • Rubber washers on the handle reduce finger pinching injuries
  • Strong vise body construction of 30,000 PSI gray cast iron
  • Workbench sized vise for normal, utility use
  • Cast vise with pipe jaws, anvil and horn


Catalog No.Item CodeThroat DepthJaw WidthJaws OpenWeight
24 1/2C015222 1/2644 1/2115410217.47.9
25 1/2C015323765 1/2140512727.012.3
26 1/2C015423 3/8866 1/2165615241.018.6
26B015454 3/161206150615260.027.3

More Information

Heavy-duty design strengthens this ideal utility workshop vise. These utility vises include pipe jaws, anvil and horn, along with a swivel base with positive locking. The hardened steel, serrated jaw facings are replaceable, for user convenience. Utility workshop bench vises feature a 30,000 PSI gray cast iron body and movable jaw with a 60,000 PSI ductile iron base. These quality vises are imported.

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