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R12+ Dropheads

DHR12 1/2NPT
R12+ Dropheads


  • R12+ Dropheads ship with longer lasting, high speed steel dies whereas competitor uses alloy dies.
  • Save time as R12+ dropheads ship with dies already installed.
  • Precise, segmental dies inside cut an impressive, true thread
  • Drophead with included dies thread steel and stainless steel pipe.
  • Dropheads can be used manually or with a power drive.


Catalog No.Item CodeSizeWeight
DHR12 1/2NPT056261/2" NPT3.61.6
DHR12 3/4NPT056283/4" NPT3.61.6
DHR12 1NPT056301" NPT4.21.9
DHR12 1 1/4NPT056321 1/4" NPT4.72.1
DHR12 1 1/2NPT056341 1/2" NPT5.12.3
DHR12 2NPT056362" NPT5.42.5

More Information

R12+ Dropheads ship completely assembled and ready to use with HSS segmental dies already in place. R12+ Dropheads can be used manually with the ratchet ring and handle or with REED’s 700PD, 700APD and 701PD Power Drives. R12+ dropheads are interchangeable with RIDGID® 12-R dropheads and can also be utilized in the RIDGID® 700 power drive.

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R12+ Drophead & Threader Set Accessories

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Reassemble R12+ Drophead

Reassemble R12+ Drophead

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