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Enclosed Dropheads

R15 1 1/2NPT
Enclosed Dropheads


  • Low-cost, disposable, compact yet high-quality dies.


Catalog No.Item CodeDescriptionWeight
R11 1/4NPT052101/4'' NPT Drophead1.20.5
R11 3/8NPT052113/8'' NPT Drophead1.20.5
R11 1/2NPT052121/2'' NPT Drophead1.30.6
R11 3/4NPT052133/4'' NPT Drophead1.40.6
R11 1NPT052141'' NPT Drophead1.90.9
R11 1 1/4NPT052151 1/4'' NPT Drophead2.00.9
R15 1 1/2NPT052261 1/2'' NPT Drophead3.71.7
R20 2 NPT052272'' NPT Drophead3.41.5

More Information

Enclosed Dropheads for NPT fit the REED 601PD power drive and are interchangeable with RIDGID® 11-R and R200 (through 1 1/4”), Super Ego® 600, Virax® 1362, Rothenberger™ Super Cut hand ratchet threaders and Supertronic portable power threaders. Separate replacement die segments are not available for these disposable, enclosed dropheads. Use R11SC ratchet ring and handle with 1/4” - 1 1/4” dropheads. R20SC ratchet ring and handle works with all R11 dropheads, including 1 1/2” and 2”, provided that the R20 ADAPTER is used with the smaller 1/4” - 1 1/4” enclosed dropheads.

XTRA Value

Disposable complete dropheads about half the cost of a comparable RIDGID® brand 11R.

Accessories & Common Parts

R11SC with R11 3/8NPT

Enclosed Drophead Accessories

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