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700PD Power Drive

700PD Power Drive


  • A workhorse model, designed for threading pipe and conduit up to 2” (50 mm) in diameter.
  • Vinyl-coated handle provides better electrical safety to the user.
  • Neoprene sealed switch helps keep dirt out and prolongs switch life.


Catalog No.Item CodeDescriptionCapacityGross Weight
700PD05270Power Drive 120V, 60 Hz1/8 - 2[1]3 - 5040.518.4
700PDSET05272Power Drive 120V, 60 Hz, six R12+ Dropheads for 1/2" - 2" NPT1/2 - 2 NPT12 - 5067.030.5

Order R12+ Dropheads Separately

More Information

700PD Power Drive is a portable, electric, heavy-duty power drive that threads pipe and conduit up to 2” (50 mm) in diameter. The power drive's vinyl-coated handle provides better electrical safety. The pigtail cord retainer extends cord life. The neoprene sealed switch keeps dirt out which prolongs switch life. 700PD is 1/2 horsepower, double insulated, turns at 28 RPM (no load) and uses a forward/reverse switch. The REVERSE button on the power drive is used to properly and quickly remove the threader drophead or die head from pipe that has just been threaded. There is no threading done while in the REVERSE position. 700PD uses REED R12+ Segmental Dies and Dropheads or Ridgid® 12R dies and dropheads. Add the optional Safety Arm to absorb the forces generated when threading.  Safety arm provides stability and frees up the operator to oil the dies during threading.

Also, the 700PD power drive can be used to power tapping and drilling machines by adding a REED Power Drive Adapter.


700PD is approved for the latest US and CSA Canada specs!


RIDGID® is a registered trademark of Ridgid, Inc. and is not associated with Reed Manufacturing.



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700PD Threading Demo

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