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Threaders & Dies

REED offers pipe threaders, dropheads, dies and power drives for professional-grade, threading options. Tough jobs require durable tools.  Nearly every REED tool is the best of its kind in the world. REED has been in business since 1896 and has well over 100 years of die-making experience. Browse the REED line of power drives, pipe threaders and dies below.

REED’s local distributors can quickly source the tool for your needs. Please contact us with any questions. Our experts are here to help you find the right REED tool for your project.

DHR12 1/2NPT

R12+ Dropheads

REED’s dropheads are designed for improved chip flow and easier cutting.

R12DN 3/4

R12+ Segmental Dies

1/2” through 2” die segments are available in NPT thread configuration.


R12+ Threader Sets

Threader Sets include complete dropheads in sizes from ½” to 2” NPT threads.


Universal Die Head

The R811 universal die head offers easy-to-adjust size selection with manual open/close operation, along with die lubrication slots.

UHN1-2 - represents all Universal Die sets

Universal Dies

REED used its 120+ years of die-making experience to select the best materials, methods, and CNC production for its Universal Dies.

R15 1 1/2NPT

Enclosed Dropheads

Affordable, ready-to-use Enclosed Dropheads feature the dies in-line every time, making them quick to grab and use


Enclosed Ratchet Threader Sets

Lightweight, ratchet threader set contains enclosed dropheads to ensure precise threading alignment.


Block Dies

Only REED solid block dies have wide throats and extra-fine threads that actually pull the die onto the pipe, even if the burr is large.


Adjustable Guide Threader Sets

The REED adjustable guide system and solid block dies make these the most economical, most convenient, and most versatile threader sets on the market.


Double Deep™ Oilers

Double Deep™ Oilers effectively deliver threading oil to piping work using the gun-and-trigger approach for targeted oiling.


Threadguard Cutting Oil

REED Threadguard cutting oil is specifically formulated for cooling the work, prolonging die life, and increasing cutting speed for all threading.


5301PD Power Drive

5301PD Power Drive rotates the pipe while cutting, threading, or reaming of up to 2” diameter pipe or bolt.


700PD Power Drive

700PD Power Drive is a portable, electric, heavy-duty power drive that threads pipe and conduit up to 2” (50 mm) in diameter.

601PD and 601V with Case

601PD Power Drive

601PD Power Drive weighs only 15.4 pounds, yet delivers plenty of torque for threading through 1 1/4” pipe. A safety arm is always included, as is a carrying case.

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