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Portable Roll Groovers

Portable Roll Groovers


  • Finger-adjust depth screw and gauge on RG6S for quick, accurate and repeatable groove depths.
  • Angled rollers on RG26S keep the groover on the pipe and in-line.
  • RG26S ratchet wrench is easy to use in tight places.


Catalog No.Item CodePipe MaterialPipe CapacityGross Weight
RG6S[1]08500Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, PVC1 1/4" - 6" Sch. 5S to 40
4"-6" PVC
32 - 15226.612.1
RG26S08510Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, PVC2" - 6" Sch. 5S to 10S,
2" - 3" Sch. 40
51 - 152, 51 - 76209.1

Models manufactured 1/98 and later are equipped to groove PVC pipe also. See date of manufacture stamp near manufacturer's I.D. tag.

More Information

REED portable roll groovers are compact, durable tools for use at installation sites.


RG6S roll groover is designed to be powered by REED 5301PD power drive. RG6S has heavy-duty, sealed bearings and a steel body to withstand the punishment of severe grooving applications, including use on Schedule 40 pipe. Finger-adjust depth screw and gauge provide quick adjustment and accurate, repeatable groove depths. No bulky adjusting wrenches required.


RG26 roll groover manually grooves in-place pipe and pipe too short for powered groovers. It is easily carried and positioned with a convenient handle. Screw knob on top of unit makes for easy depth adjustments. Included ratcheting handle is used for feeding and turning.

Exclusive Features Video Training

Combines the compact RG6S design for long life with sealed, heavy-duty bearings and up to 6” capacity.

Angled rollers keep the groover on the pipe and in-line: will not “walk off” pipe. It uses heavy-duty bearings, hardened and ground shafts, and rollers mounted in a ductile iron housing for durability. Ratchet wrench is easier to use in tight spaces – no cranking needed!

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