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Universal Pipe Cutters for PE


  • Special blades and blade guard for PE.
  • Includes all the parts for successful PE cuts.

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Exclusive Tool
Catalog No.Item CodePipe Diameter Gross Weight
in-nom. actual O.D. mm lbs kg
UPC836APE 075178 - 36 200 - 1000 101 45.9
UPC848APE 075188 - 48 200 - 1300 106 48.2

Reed’s pneumatic-powered Universal Pipe Cutters (UPC) for PE are available to cut 8” - 48” nominal diameter (200-1300 actual O.D. mm) PE pipe. Both kits ship in a steel toolbox and include a UPC cutter, a filter-regulator-lubricator, UPCSTEEL6 and UPCPE8 blades. Carbide-tipped, 6” UPCSTEEL6 blades cut up to 1 23/32" (43.7 mm) PE wall thickness while UPCPE8 blade cuts thicker PE pipe with a wall thickness up to 2 23/32” (69 mm). To cut 6” - 8” PE pipe, the UPCSTEEL4 blade must be purchased separately.

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