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True Peel® PE Prep Tools

True Peel® PE Prep Tools


  • Prepares the ends of PE pipe and tapping tees for electrofusion.
  • Removes .009” - .012” peel thickness.
  • Spring actuated blade gives a complete peel, even on out-of-round pipe.
  • Observation window indicates the completion of the peel.
  • External cutting blade allows for clear observation of the peel removal.
  • Hardened tool steel cutting blade with two cutting edges for twice the life.
  • Close fitting mandrel to round pipe that may be oval.
  • Includes a protective carrying case.


Catalog No.Item CodeDescriptionWeight
PEP50CTS704634Fits 1/2” CTS SDR7 .090" Wall Mandrel #986550.90.41
PEP75IPS1104635Fits 3/4” IPS DR11 .095" Wall Mandrel #986561.20.54
PEP1IPS704624Fits 1” IPS DR7 .188" Wall Mandrel #986651.40.6
PEP1CTS7[1]04627Fits 1” CTS SDR7 .161" Wall Mandrel #986731.30.6
PEP1CTS11504636Fits 1” CTS SDR11.5 .099" Wall Mandrel #986591.30.6
PEP1IPS1104637Fits 1” IPS DR11 .120" Wall Mandrel #986621.40.6
PEP125IPS1004626Fits 1-1/4” IPS DR10 .166" Wall Mandrel #986721.90.9
PEP125IPS1104638Fits 1 1/4” IPS DR11 .151" Wall Mandrel #986641.90.9
PEP125CTS1104625Fits 1 1/4” CTS SDR11 .121" Wall Mandrel #986691.50.7
PEP2IPS1104639Fits 2” IPS DR11 .216" Wall Mandrel #986603.11.4


More Information

Electrofusion requires the outside diameter of pipe to be clean and free of oxidation. The True Peel® PE Prep Tool removes dirt and oxidation from the outside diameter of the pipe in preparation for electrofusion. Its spring-loaded blade does not skip and it keeps consistent pressure on the pipe to yield a smooth, finished surface. The blade completely peels even out-of-round pipe with the help of the close fitting mandrel which rerounds oval pipe. An observation window allows operator to see when the peel is complete by viewing the pipe end in the middle of the window. These tools can be used on the ends of pipe or on tapping tee outlets. Each model is size specific for both pipe size and wall thickness. The PE pipe peeler blade may be rotated 180 degrees to provide a second cutting edge, giving twice the blade life. The True Peel® low profile allows it to be used on tapping tee outlets with limited clearance, unlike conventional peelers with a large swing radius. REED True Peel® pipe scraping tools ship in a protective carrying case.

Accessories & Common Parts


True Peel® PE Prep Tool Blade


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True Peel® PE Prep Tools

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