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Plastic Pipe Joint Kits

Plastic Pipe Joint Kits


  • All the tools needed for a perfect joint, every time.
  • Cutter, deburring tool and internal cutter together in a carrying case.
  • These tools work on plastic pipe such as PVC, CPVC, ABS and 636.
  • Quick Release™ Tubing Cutter produces a square cut so the pipe bottoms out in the fitting for best fit.


Catalog No.Item CodeDescriptionWeight
TC3PDEB1[1]04147TC3QPVC, DEB4 & DEB1IPS-INT in a plastic case  
TC3-636SK04155TC3QPVC, DEB4 & IC1SL in a plastic case6.93.1
TC4-636SK04156TC4QPVC, DEB4 & IC1SL in a plastic case7.13.2
TC2PPSK04157TC2QPVC, DEB4 & DEB1IPS in a plastic case5.62.5
TC-AQRSK04162TC2QPVC, TC4QPVC, DEB4 & DEB1IPS in a plastic case8.453.8


More Information

These kits contain tools required to install a perfect joint every time to prevent failures between pipe and fitting. The Quick Release™ tubing cutter provides quick, square cuts on plastic pipe. DEB4 deburring tool creates a proper 15 degree chamfer for even distribution of solvent cement. DEB1 models deburr and chamfer three sizes of plastic pipe. The IC1SL Internal Pipe Cutter yields a uniform internal cut in hard-to-reach places where a tubing cutter will not fit. All tools are contained in a lightweight, hard plastic case.

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