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Clean Ream Extreme® Toilet Closet Flange Reamer

Clean Ream Extreme® Toilet Closet Flange Reamer


  • Removes toilet flange from inside 4” Schedule 40 PVC pipe.
  • Eliminate the hassle and labor time of sawing and chiseling out the old closet flange.
  • Fits into standard ½” drills.


Catalog No.Item CodeDescriptionShaft SizeWeight
TFR40004564Removes 4" Internal Toilet Flange from 4” Sch. 40 PVC3/8" hex1.40.6

More Information

Reed’s Toilet Closet Flange Reamer removes the internal closet flange and saves the sewer pipe for reuse. Clean out the old, damaged toilet flange, install a new one and complete the project in minutes. Engineered to fit a 4” internal flange, the toilet closet flange reamer saves time and material costs for the plumbing project. Built to the same standards as Reed’s other Clean Ream Extreme® reamers, this new application meets the specific clean-out need for internal flange to sewer drain connection.

NOTE:  Closet Flanges with a lip or tabs above the 4" outlet require that the lip or tabs be removed before using the Toilet Flange Reamer. 

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