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Pipe Bevelers

Pipe Bevelers


  • Pipe Beveler only needs a few turns around the pipe to make the 15° smooth bevel.
  • Strong, reinforced aluminum frame for durability.
  • Adjusts to bevel multiple sizes with one tool.


Catalog No.Item CodePipe CapacityWeight
in-nom.actual O.D. mmlbskg
BT1043951 1/2 - 840 - 2003.01.4
BT2043981 1/2 - 1240 - 3006.12.8

More Information

With a strong aluminum alloy frame, effective roller locking, and good tool life, a Pipe Beveler produces a smooth 15° bevel on all types of plastic pipe, including gasketed PVC and C900 PVC in about one minute. Depending on wall thickness, the bevel can be up to 1 1/2” long. Beveler is easily adjusted for different pipe sizes and thicknesses, with no part changes. Bevel blade can be sharpened or replaced.


NOTE: If pipe is not stationary, a REED pipe vise is recommended.

Video Training

Much faster, safer, and far more effective than a file or power saw as it reduces the possibility of injury and leaks after joining pipe.

Accessories & Common Parts


Beveler Replacement Blades


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Parts Diagrams
BT1 Parts PDF   (31 KB)
BT2 Parts PDF   (248 KB)


The complete collection of Reed Training Videos can be found under the Resources menu.

BT2 Manual Beveler

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