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Threadguard Cutting Oil


  • Successful hand and machine threading depends on this quality cutting oil.
  • Quart-size available in both clear and dark oil.

Local or Online

Catalog No.Item CodeType Size Bottles to Case Weight
lbs kg
OQD 06118Dark Oil Quart 12 2.0 0.9
OGD 06120Dark Oil Gallon 6 8.2 3.7
O55GD [1]06124Dark Oil 55 Gallon 1 465.0 211.4
OQC 06110Clear Oil Quart 12 2.0 0.9
OGC 06112Clear Oil Gallon 6 7.9 3.6
O55GC [1]06116Clear Oil 55 Gallon 1 465.0 211.4

Must ship via truck freight.

Why Reed

Higher lubricity for longer die life and faster cutting speed.

Reed Threadguard Cutting Oil was developed by thousands of actual work-condition tests by Reed and oil company laboratories. It is specifically formulated for cooling the work, prolonging die life, and increasing cutting speed for both machine and hand threading.

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