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Enclosed Ratchet Threader Sets

Enclosed Ratchet Threader Sets


  • High quality dies and dropheads made on CNC machines.
  • Dies are alloy steel, heads are malleable iron.
  • Sets are the lightest drophead sets available, size for size.


Catalog No.Item CodeRange (in)Heads IncludedWeight
DH82-5051983/4 - 1 1/4310.95.0
DH82-4052001/2 - 1 1/4412.25.5
DH82-3052013/8 - 1 1/4513.46.1
DH81-2052021/4 - 1512.75.8
DH81-3052033/8 - 1410.25.1
DH81-4052041/2 - 1310.14.6
DH84-4052221/2 - 2622.810.4
DH84-5052233/4 - 2521.59.8
DH84-6052241 - 2420.09.1
DH84-7052251 1/4 - 2318.28.3

More Information

For the Enclosed Ratchet Threader Sets, precise dies and dieheads are manufactured on CNC machines. Sets contain dropheads and handle in a compact, reinforced plastic carrying case. Dropheads are available from 1/4” to 2” NPT. Dropheads in the Enclosed Ratchet Threader Sets fit REED’s 601PD power drive. Heads up through 11/4” are interchangeable with RIDGID® 11-R and R200, Super-Ego® 600, Virax® 1362, Rothenberger™ Super Cut hand ratchet threaders and Supertronic portable power threaders.

XTRA Value

No alignment problems as dies are enclosed within each drophead. These complete dropheads are less expensive than models requiring individual segment replacement.

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