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Ship Augers

AUG11/8 (top), AUG7/8 (bottom)
Ship Augers


  • Each auger is 7 1/2" long with double spurs and fits into a standard ½” drill. 


Catalog No.Item CodeHole SizeWeight
AUG11/8067251 1/8".75.34
AUG11/4067301 1/4".85.39
AUG13/8067351 3/8".90.41

More Information

Superior steel and single-piece induction hardening make for long life on REED's Ship Augers. They make a hole that’s true to size with cutting edges that stay sharp for easy drilling. Each ship auger is 7 1/2” long with double spurs and fits into standard drills. (A spur refers to the cutting edge on either side of the threaded screw start tip.) Ship augers are used by all trades to bore deep holes in wood for running pipe, wire, cable, etc.

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