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Pump Stick® - Hoses

Pump Stick® - Hoses


  • Abrasion-resistant, industrial grade hose.
  • Smooth interior ensures efficient water flow.
  • Crush resistant for reliable water removal.
  • Plastic, lightweight hose resists corrosion and remains flexible at low temperatures.
  • Hose design includes magnetic hose connecter.
  • Hose Coupling #98147 required to connect hoses for additional length.




Catalog No.Item CodeDescriptionWeight
CPHOSE2FT[1]98143Hose 2-foot (0.6 m) long with magnetic connection0.40.2
CPHOSE4FT[1]98144Hose 4-foot (1.2 m) long with magnetic connection 0.70.3
CPHOSE7FT[1]98145Hose 7-foot (2.1 m) long with magnetic connection 1.10.5
CP15COUP[1]98147Hose Coupling with magnetic connection0.140.06

*Patent Pending

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