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Pump Stick® - Battery Adapter Plates & Batteries

Pump Stick® - Battery Adapter Plates & Batteries


  • Battery Adapter Plates provide popular battery options for REED Pump Stick®.
  • Adapter plates fit 18V-20V lithium ion batteries for battery brands such as Bosch®, Makita®, Milwaukee® or DeWalt®.
  • Swap the plate to fit common, current slide style batteries – be sure to match the plate to operator’s battery brand.
  • For strength, battery adapters plates are constructed of Delrin® or glass-filled polycarbonate.


NOTE:  Battery adapter plates are offered as a convenience item and are not endorsed or warrantied by the battery manufacturers.


Catalog No.Item CodeDescriptionWeight
2AHBAT9818618V 2.0Ah Battery BOSCH® for REED 0.80.4
4AHBAT9818518V 4.0Ah Battery BOSCH® for REED 1.40.6
8AHBAT9819718V 8.0Ah Battery BOSCH® for REED 2.21.0
BCHRG98187Charger for 18V BOSCH® batteries1.50.7
CPAPBOSCH98139Battery Adapter Plate, fits most BOSCH® 18V slide style batteries0.20.1
CPAPDEW98140Battery Adapter Plate, fits most DEWALT® 18V-20V slide style batteries 0.120.05
CPAPMIL98141Battery Adapter Plate, fits most MILWAUKEE® 18V slide style batteries0.20.1
CPAPMAK98149Battery Adapter Plate, fits most MAKITA® 18V slide style batteries0.160.07
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